Gentleman's Hairdresser

The Barbers Pole

15 Elwy House

King Street Wrexham

LL11 1HF


Proprietor - Nicholas Holmes


The Barbers Pole

Elwy House

King Street


LL11 1HF



Mobile:  07396 371064  


[email protected]


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My Services

I specialise in all mens styles including - feathering  -  club cutting  -  layering    -  crew cuts  -  grading from one to seven   -  flat top  all which is done to your own personal specification. I will finish this off with waxes & gel sprays.  Bring in your own if you want for that perfect finish.


Bring a photo on your phone, ipad or magazine picturel of a cut you would like and I will do my best to satisfy.  Everyone is welcome, all age groups, children are  especailly welcome - bring your Dad with you!


Providing a personal service for  37 years